The theme of environmental justice tackles important global changes, such as climate change as a driver of migration, and the problem of waste management between the global north and global south. But, until recently, no organization in the German-speaking world was seeking to network, activate, and raise awareness among the various actors. That changed with the creation of EnJust.

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From the very beginning, we supported the founders in developing the network’s mission statement and a suitable organizational structure. We then worked with the founders to develop the name, visual identity, and logo, and to build the website. We continue to offer advice regarding the communication channels.

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The network hosted a symposium in June 2019, where this work was presented to a broader audience.

“Johanna Barnbeck provided professional support for our initiative from the very beginning. She helped us develop a mission statement, a name, the right organizational form, and a visual identity for our network. Our website is currently in development, and we are benefitting greatly here from her technical expertise and good overview of the field of science communication. This collaboration is creative, inspiring, and target-oriented, and we’re thrilled by Johanna’s pleasant and straightforward working methods, and the many possibilities that she has shown us. We’re already looking forward to the next joint project!”
Prof. Dr. Silja Klepp, Founder of EnJust, Christian Albrechts University of Kiel, Head of the Working Group "Social Dynamics in Coastal and Marine Areas ", "The Future Ocean" Cluster of Excellence

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